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Вывод песен исполнителя ' A-ha ':
Композиция Рейтинг
A Fine Blue Line 27
A Little Bit 25
Afternon high 24
Analogue 20
Analogue (Instrumental Version) 25
Angel in the snow 21
Barely hanging on 16
Birthright 21
Cannot hide 21
Celice (Boris Dlugosch) 23
Celice (Paul Van Dyk`s Extended Mix) 20
Celice (Paul Van Dyk`s Vocalized Clubmix) 17
Celice (Radio Cut) 15
Celice (Thomas Schumacher Remix) 17
Celise 22
Cozy Prisons 23
Cry Wolf 22
Crying in The Rain 24
Did ahyone approach you 23
Don`t Do Me Any Favours 17
Dragonfly 19
Early Morning 18
Forever Not Yours 22
Halfway Through The Tour 20
Here I stand and face the rain 18
Holy Ground 19
How sweet it was 20
Hunting High And Low 18
Hurry home 20
I Wish I Cared 17
I won`t forget her 31
I`ve Been Loosing You 16
Keeper Of The Flame 18
LifeLines 15
Little black heart 22
Living A Boys Adventure Tale 14
Locust 14
Love is reason 17
Make It Soon 18
Manhattan Skyline 20
Maybe, maybe 14
Minor Earth Major Sky 20
Oranges on appletrees 15
Over The Treetops 19
Scoundrel days 18
Shapes That Go Together 18
Slender frame 21
Stay On These Roads 18
Summer Moved One 18
Take On Me 14
The Blood That Moves Body 20
The blue sky 19
The Living Daylights 21
The Summers Of Our Youth 21
The Sun Always Shines On TV 26
The sun never shone that day 285
This alone is love 19
Thought That It Was You 16
To let you win 17
Touchy 18
Train of thought 24
Velvet 17
Waiting for her 22
We`re looking for the whales 20
White Canvas 14
White Dwarf 14
You are the one 15
You wanted more 15
You`ll end up crying 14
You`ll never get over me 24

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